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Cube Technologies received an order to provide a Simatic IT MIS System for the Assembly line of the new VW Polo. This will provide VWSA with OEE/Downtime management and production management information seamlessly.


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It is easy to see where your money went when you invest into a new plant and you assume this investment is going to make a return. When it comes to IT investment the return forecast is not so straightforward. Questions such as how can you guarantee the returns? Did we get everything back that we expected? How to convince the board to make IT investments?

In todayís global manufacturing environment the relentless drive for efficiency gains and cost reduction is ever more present but even achieving minor improvement can prove to be a difficult task.

Here the right IT investment can bring some considerably improvements for a fraction of the cost you would need to invest in a new plant.

Siemens SIMATIC IT MES investments can be targeted at making a real difference at a manufacturing level e.g. reducing downtime, improving quality, reducing scrap and gaining efficiency. Of all IT investment possibilities a SIMATIC IT MES solution provides some of the highest justifications in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) and customer satisfaction.

SIMATIC IT MES solutions are software based and hence do not require investments in a new plant. Such an IT solution is comparatively inexpensive to implement and the usual payback periods are exceptionally short.

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SIMATIC IT MES software is modular which means you have the choice to start with a modest project and donít have to commit to the full suite at the beginning of a project. After the first modules start to show results you can build on from there.

SIMATIC IT MES software focuses on the collection of vast volume of manufacturing data and performs this function in real time, automatically analyzing and presenting data in a way that allows management and operational decisions to be made on the basis of clear and accurate real time information from the plant.

Each SIMATIC IT MES module will provide you with significant improvements to every index of production efficiency, process capabilities, machine availability, performance and quality. Furthermore the reduction of rejects rates will have an immediate effect on profitability, manufacturing cycles, lead times and WIP are likely to be considerably improved.

References to benefits of investing in SIMATIC IT in terms of return on investment (ROI), production improvements etc. can be found by clicking on the link below.

Siemens - Market & Manufacturing Responsiveness with SIMATIC IT